I Change


This is the largest wrapped-canvas I’ve worked on to date, and I had the pleasure of getting it started with Patrick Fisher, over at Gamutlife HQ under the bright sun behind the Blackboard Gallery in Old Town Camarillo in the Summer of 2018.

I knew I wanted to go ‘BIG’ on a canvas to provide a substantial piece to our upcoming ‘Currents’ exhibition (August 2018). Pat and I were due for a true collaboration on a canvas, and this is our first, and one-and only.
For those who are familiar with putting your passion into your art or work, you know it can be a struggle. Mistakes are made. You question, sometimes doubt yourself. But as is anything with passion, there is a higher purpose at work. I attempt to gauge my work from the perspecive of

“Is this this art living into it’s greatest essence, yet?”

About halfway through the making of this work, Pat and I had come to a point that we thought we liked. We thought it might well be done, so we carried it down to the Gallery, where it was to be displayed at the show within just 2-3 days. Under the light of the gallery, it was clear to me that it had been too “muddied”. Colors had mixed in a way that was too grey, and I don’t think either of us were truly satisfied with it’s ‘essence’, even though it carried a theme that we both loved and believed in.

Pat had other responsibilities to attend to, so I hauled it back to the painting grass, turned on some music, and got back to work.

“Art is never finished. Only Abandoned.” - Leonardo DaVinci

I’ve seen a lot of varied responses to the work, from oggling admiration to mild disinterest (just as every other piece of art ; ) I’m very proud of what we made. I’m stoked that Pat and I had discovered a mutual interest and curiosity around the ancient Chinese I Ching (Book of Transformation). It was truly exciting to feel the universe at work, guiding us away from 'Stagnation' and into 'Harmony' — even if the path to harmony involves some chaos. (this already is chaos) Transformation is perhaps my primary goal, for myself and others. We can do better. May we continue to transform, and to accelerate at it : )

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