Kennedy On A Rauschenberg

When I went to school to study art, the playful and graphic nature of Robert Rauschenberg paintings quickly found a special place in my heart. Rauschenberg rose to acclaim in the later part of the ‘abstract expressionist’ movement in New York, beginning in the 1950’s and for decades thereafter. His work remains prominently featured in major museum’s, including LACMA, MOMA, (…add more) The title of this collection of art is named in honor of Rauschenberg’s ‘Currents’ series, in which he created collages via print transfers from newspapers.

In the 1950’s Rauschenberg was busy challenging the limits, and very definition of art. A video interview with the late Robert Rauschenberg made clear what Rauschenberg’s creative spirit would have me do with his artwork. In it, he jovially tells the story about when he asked de Kooning for one of his paintings, so that he could erase it. De Kooning conceded a painting that he ‘thought he would miss’, and Rauschenberg’s ‘Erased de Kooning’ helped launch him into art world recognition.


Some of Rauschenberg’s most famous works, and some of my favorite pieces, include print transfer’s of Kennedy on them. Naturally, Kennedy was quite a prominent figure during Rauschenberg’s years. Today, I feel that Kennedy, or more accurately, the truth about Kennedy’s death, is as relevant as has ever been. The assassin’s of our ‘most dapper president’ have certainly gotten away with murder, and continue to wreck havoc on the world, and perhaps it would do us rather well to recognize why he was violently removed.

Perhaps the primary reason for Kennedy’s assassination was his effort to create the ‘Silver Certificate’, money backed by silver AND issued by the US government—NOT the private Federal Reserve. This was not the direction that the centralized shadow government wanted to go, and the silver certificate executive order signed by Kennedy was quickly dismantled after he was shot dead. And less than a decade later, the dollar was decoupled from it’s gold backing under Nixon in 1971. Ever since, private, centralized money-printing privileges have been accountable to nothing and no-one, endlessly manipulated and inflated— the Dollar has lost about 99% of it’s value the past 100 years.

Today, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is once again challenging the fraudulent financial system built around centralized, non-governmental, PRIVATE control of our debt-based money supply.

May decentralized money live long and prosper, and may we remember our most dapper president for what he tried to do to free us from the fraudulent Federal Reserve scam.

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