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Steve is perhaps the most famous modern day innovator, whose fingerprints are all over the devices we touch the most. The growth story of Steve Jobs, from building the first Apple Computers in his garage, to the incredible vista of having created the most valuable company on the planet before his death in October 2011, is an inspiration to entrepreneurs around the globe, but perhaps especially to those of us who grew up in Silicon Valley and continue to use Apple products (and weren't burned by his dark side ; )

The things Steve imagined became real things. The intuitive and user friendly nature of the products Steve pioneered, have connected human creativity to technology in unprecedented ways, that are ultimately empowering to the individual. Before Steve, the best technology was only accessible behind the locked doors of wealthy corporations. Even though Apple wasn’t the only company making computers in the 1980’s, it was Steve’s vision that captured our interest and fascination. He gave us the power of ‘1000 songs in your pocket’, and followed it up with the revolutionary internet communications device we call the iPhone.

The famous 1984 commercial for the Macintosh positioned Apple as the heroine that stands up to a dystopian ‘Big Brother’ future that Orwell cautioned us about, and which the incumbent computer companies seemed to be marching towards. Even if Apple is the Big Brother now, there was an artistry in Steve that was clearly striving towards an improved human experience.

Steve made computers personal, and put them in our palms and pockets.

A case can be made that the wide distribution of intuitive computing hardware was the needed pre-cursor for the financial evolution we are now experiencing as we move away from ‘Big Brother’ fiat fraud money, to the distributed ledger technology that is blockchain. 

With the jury still out on “Who is Satoshi Nakamoto ?” (anonymous creator of Bitcoin), we are left wondering if wickedly smart Steve was tapped to assist in pioneering the next paradigm of human-centric financial technology, especially after this remote viewing report ; )

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