Thor Brings The Hammer to a Samo Party

Thor is a demigod, perhaps most widely known today via the Marvel comics and movies, but whose origin is in Norse mythology. As a co-founder of a startup company by the same name (Thor Technologies), I have given much thought to the essence of this figure, as we strive to embody his best features in our company. Thor might be summarized as a bold, strong, and passionate hero who fights evil and serves the greater interests of humanity with a really badass hammer.

When I went about creating a logo to represent our company, I wanted to capture the simplest essence of what the name meant from my perspective. The upwards striking lightning bolt, as I’ve written about previously for Thor, to me, represents an incredible energy rising up on behalf of ‘the people’. Several months after the Thor logo had been launched into the wild to promote and help fund our project, I came to the recognition that Lighting is perhaps the best symbol for the connection of ‘heaven’ (sky) and ‘earth’. As a student of the oldest book on the planet, the Chinese I Ching, I discovered the alignment with our brand logos, and hexagram 11 of the I Ching, in which the symbol for ‘heaven’ is below ‘earth’ representing ‘Peace’ and ‘Harmony’. I see our logo then, as a symbol of a movement that is one aspect of bringing heaven to earth.

“Heaven is below Earth and all things move upward in harmony and transform. Peace is a message about going with the flow. What you are worrying about today won’t be as important tomorrow. Anything that had previously been out of place or difficult is now receding. Chances are you will feel relieved by seeing this hexagram. However, in order to know Peace, one must experience discord. Hot is only relevant to cold and similarly up is meaningless without the idea of down. More importantly, Peace is an outlook you can carry with you at all times by remembering cycles.”

As our CEO, David Chin, loves to say,

“Thor can do well by doing good.”

I certainly believe that, and am incredibly honored to be a member of the Thor team. We believe we are building one of the most practical solutions in the entire blockchain space, as we seek to fix the ‘gig economy’ for everyone involved. We’re doing our best to deliver the simplicity and ease user’s have come to expect in their favorite apps, into the gig economy payment space, powered by the blockchain. Bad Bankers beware, Thor is bringing the Hammer.

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